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Lina romay rolls royce baby 1

Lina romay rolls royce baby 1 1

rolls royce baby is a real tour dforce for 70s spanish hottie lina romay muse and ultimately life partner to euro sexploitation meister jess franco unlike many of francos fliks that actually feature a plot of sorts this one is pretty much a soft porn extravaganza that showcases ms romay to the max.

Lina romay rolls royce baby 1 2

rollsroyce baby 1975 out of 4 dietrich best known for producing several jess franco films takes the directors chair and delivers an average sexploitation film which stars lina romay in the film romay plays a sex addict who has become a.

Lina romay rolls royce baby 1 3

10 out of 5 stars female vampire lina romay monica swinn horror dvd.

Lina romay rolls royce baby 1 4

lina romay born rosa mar237a almirall mart237nez 25 june 1954 15 february 2012 was a spanish actress born in barcelona who often appeared in films directed by her longtime companion and later husband jes250s franco.

Lina romay rolls royce baby 1 5

Stunningly comely and slinky brunette lina romay rates highly as one of the boldest most sensuous and enticing actresses to have appeared with tremendous frequency in a large volume of european horror and exploitation features made from the early 1970s to the early 21st century 1975 rollsroyce baby lisa romay the rollsroyce baby.

Lina romay rolls royce baby 1 6

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Lina romay rolls royce baby 1 7

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Lina romay rolls royce baby 1 8

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Lina romay rolls royce baby 1 9

Lina romay rolls royce baby 1 10

Lina romay rolls royce baby 1

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